Professor Alexandre VAUTRAVERS

Associate Professor of International Relations and History; director of Geneva’s International Humanitarian Conference and Security Forum. Lt col (GS) and editor in chief, Revue militaire suisse (RMS).


Alexandre Vautravers has earned a PhD (Hons) in Contemporary History at the University of Lyon, and in Social and Economic Sciences (Hons) at the University of Geneva. He has taught at UNIGE (1998-2004) and in several American universities, where he was in turn Academic Director and Head of Department. He has taught and lectured in many countries in Europe and America, but also Iran and China.

Aside from teaching and academic management, he has also led several research projects in the area of technology (Centre Pierre Léon, CNRS), patents, commercial aviation and transport (UNIGE), environment and agriculture (FNRS), migration, security and financial issues (Swiss Government, as well as several political parties at the national level), policy and risk assessment (Avenir Suisse). He has also collaborated with several companies and multinationals in the areas of strategy, marketing and project management. He is also active in several research centres in Switzerland and abroad.

His publications include a dozen books and edited volumes, as well as over 300 articles on the themes of international security and humanitarian affairs, technology, doctrine, and defence industry/economics; but also on resource scarcity, development, politics and history.

Lieutenant colonel (GS) Alexandre Vautravers served 17 years in the Cavalry, commanding a tank company (1998-2002) and a battalion (1999-2003). He participated in training and missions abroad. He is now a senior staff officer, active in the areas of planning, military intelligence and training.

Outside of his military duties, he has also been the editor in chief of the Revue militaire suisse (RMS) since 2006, when the journal celebrated its 150th anniversary of uninterrupted publication. He is also a frequent contributor to many scientific journals, as well as the Swiss and international media, on the areas of security and defence policy, political and international economic issues.


GCSP 7 bis, Avenue de la Paix, P.O. Box 1295 CH-1211 Geneva 1