Gilbert Duvanel, born in 1954, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Dedicated to General Systems Theory thinking applied to the relationship between human behavior and technology, he worked for the last 20 years side by side with people suffering from physical or social handicap using computers for professional or occupational activities. This implied integrating networks of heterogenous systems (Apple, MS Windows, Linux) based in various location linked by WAN and serving more than 300 people. In this particular environment he also had to put to work input devices that do not use hands. Self-taught in computing, he previoulsy studied and practiced nursing and other social work in his hometown and Geneva. He started with 3 years of Physical Chemistry studies at the University of Neuchâtel where he also worked during the late 70’s in the Watch industry as a research lab manager for miniature Lithium ion batteries. In the mid 80’s, a time when climate change related problems were broadly unknown of or poorly understood, he developped an Association dispatching information and awareness to the Swiss authorities. He was inspired by the work of Earth Regeneration Society, Berkeley (CA) and Computer Social Impact Research Institute, San Jose (CA) where he learned General Systems assisting the Institute founder Fred Wood III, Electrical Engineer and Sociologist retired from General Electrics and IBM.