Zanzibar Declaration

Among all perturbations, changes, and problems observed during the last decades, the central fact is that we are not anymore in a STATIC, but in a DYNAMIC world. It’s generated numerous disruptions in many domains, including education. For example, for the educational field, there are also other factors like changes in pedagogy, demands from the societies, emergence of new technologies.

That’s why we are proposing a tool in forme of a matrix (grid) which will help decision-makers to conduct throw sustainable development in view of rapid Emerging Technologies in the Digital Age.

In this matrix the lines contain Emerging Technologies (T) and the columns contain different areas of application in the Society (S)

To ensure a high degree of coherence between the individual entries, one should fulfill both the positive AND the negative aspects of the topic.

Each contribution in an intersection of the grid could be with references or based on your everyday practice.

Of course, there can be more than one description at a specific cell of the grid. This will reveal the diversities between different locations, the different traditions, the institutional conditions, etc. Another advantage of the matrix is to make it possible to establish links between the contributions of each intersection.

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How to contribute to Zd matrix

Consulting Zd matrix intersections

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